The Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development Board (Board) is part of a statewide workforce system which is business-driven, customer-centric, streamlined, and outcome-oriented. The Board carries out strategies and policies that support both the economic development mission(s) for the local area and the Virginia Board of Workforce Development’s (VBWD) goals. The Board sets policy for the local area, in compliance with broader state policy, and is the regional strategic convener of workforce stakeholders to address workforce development issues, including but not limited to WIOA activities.

The Board is led by committed business leaders who can ensure that the local workforce system is responsive to current and projected labor market demand, contains a broad range of partners needed to develop a comprehensive vision for the local workforce system, and focuses on strategic decisions, not operational management.

The Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development Board has responsibility for making the following critical decisions:

  • How best to organize the regional workforce system to most effectively serve the needs of current and emerging private sector employers and job seekers;

  • How best to provide comprehensive services to regional private sector employers;

  • How best to deploy available resources to achieve negotiated local performance accountability measures and build capacity for continuous improvement; and

  • How to expand the resource base and service capability through the development of strategic partnerships, an integrated service delivery system, and generation of additional public and private funding.

  • John Albert,  IBEW Local 50/VaAFL-CIO, Labor/CBO/Apprenticeship Sector
  • Patrick Barker, Frederick County Economic Development, Public Sector
  • Sharon Baroncelli, Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce, Private Sector
  • Corey Berkstresser, Lee Hi Vesuvius, Inc, Private Sector
  • Michelle Bixler, Town of Strasburg, Public Sector
  • Randall Doyle, Holtzman Corporation, Private Sector
  • Andrew Breeding, Sysco, Private Sector
  • Steve Burnette, Hollister Incorporated, Private Sector
  • Carolyn Clark, Berry Plastics Corporation, Private Sector
  • Jeanian Clark, Lord Fairfax Community College, Public Sector
  • Kai Degner, JMU Outreach and Engagement, Public Sector
  • Steve Douty, Green Forest Surveys, Private Sector
  • Wesley Dove, Dove Consulting, Private Sector
  • John Downey, Blue Ridge Community College, Public Sector
  • Rob Goldsmith, People Incorporated of Virginia, Labor/CBO/Apprenticeship Sector
  • Lisa Grant, Mohawk Industries, Inc. Private Sector
  • Jackson Green, Goodwill of the Valleys – SCSEP, Labor/CBO/Apprenticeship Sector
  • Sallie Wolfe-Garrison, Friendship Industries, Labor/CBO/Apprenticeship Sector
  • Kevin Hutton, Massanutten Technical Center, Public Sector
  • Samuel Insana, Neuman Aluminum Impact Division, Waynesboro, Private Sector
  • John Jackson, Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, Public Sector
  • Amy Judd, Lord Fairfax Community College, Public Sector
  • Gary Keener, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, Public Sector
  • Jay Langston, Shenandoah Valley Partnership
  • Jo Lee Loveland-Link, Volvox, Inc., Private Sector
  • Vacant, Bath County, Private Sector
  • Courtney Thompson, Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce, Private Sector
  • Helene Pat Ohleger, Munters Corporation, Private Sector
  • Katy Parrish, Waynesboro City Public Schools, Public Sector
  • Pam Snyder, Comsonics, Inc., Private Sector
  • Jeff Stapel, Shickel Corporation, Private Sector, Chair
  • Mary Staubus, Montebello Packaging, Private Sector
  • Lorne Seay, IBEW Local 26, Labor/CBO/Apprenticeship Sector
  • Elizabeth Savage, Valley Health System, Private Sector
  • Robin Sullenberger, Sullenberger & Associates, Private Sector
  • Yolanda Shields, YES Builds Coaching & Consulting
  • Roy Norville, Shenandoah Valley Organic
  • T. Christopher Pope, Virginia Employment Commission
  • Celest Williams, Virginia Department of Social Services

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