Are you a younger worker between the ages of 14 and 24 years old looking for paid work experience, a better job, internship, apprenticeship or help in completing an educational or occupational training program? If you meet income and eligibility requirements, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act has programs just for you!

Are You Eligible?

To determine your eligibility, contact or visit a Career Center near you.

Services for Eligible Younger Workers

  • To improve educational achievement:

    • Tutoring, study skills and GED prep
    • Alternative secondary school services
  • To prepare for & succeed in employment:

    • Work readiness training
    • Summer employment opportunities linked to academic and occupational learning
    • Paid/unpaid work experiences
    • Apprenticeship
    • Occupational skills training
  • To develop potential as citizens and leaders:

    • Leadership development opportunities
  • To support participants:

    • Supportive services
    • Adult Mentoring
    • Comprehensive guidance and counseling
    • Follow-up services

Young Worker Resources

Get work experience now to help you prepare for the future.

Find additional resources below that may help prepare you for the future.

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